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Trainz Community Guidelines

The Short Version

  1. Post your own content, don’t borrow someone else’s

  2. Don’t spam.

  3. Be respectful and kind.

The Not So Short Version

The detailed Community Guidelines below have been created to ensure our online services are a welcoming environment where people can come together and discuss and share their passion for all things Trainz & trains.

Trainz Portal appoints moderators from the community to help enforce our Community Guidelines. And you agree, through the use of these online Services, that you will abide by these Community Guidelines.

What to do:

  1. Do share Content that you’ve created.
    Trainz portal is a great place to share your passion for Trainz & trains, whether it’s on the forums, via the gallery, on the Download Station or in game with multiplayer. But we have to ask that you only share the things you have the rights to.

  2. Do share Content that is safe for people of all ages.
    Remember that the Trainz Portal community spans the globe, and has people from all races, genders, and age groups, and that your posts are visible to people as young as 13 years old. Trainz Portal is a place for everyone, and as such, moderators will ensure that Content is appropriate for all.

  3. Treat people how you would like to be treated.
    People from all over the world come to Trainz Portal to share their hobby, which is great, but it also means that not everyone will agree with what you think or believe. We ask that everyone act in a polite and respectful way.

  4. Do have meaningful & genuine interactions.
    Self-promotion or commercial solicitation of any kind, in any form, is rarely well-received, and repeatedly sending people the same Content can be viewed as spam.


Additional things to remember

  • Trainz Portal contains a diverse community, and it is likely that you will come across things that offend you. If you are offended by Content that may violate any of these above guidelines, or you’re unsure about the Content, you can report it utilizing our built-in reporting functionality in order to bring it to Trainz Portal’s attention.

  • If you find that your Content has been uploaded to another person’s profile, don’t panic! It’s probably a misunderstanding and not ill-intended. Firstly, try to contact the User through our inbuilt messaging tools and politely ask that they take the content down. If that doesn’t work, please file a DMCA report so that we may investigate.

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